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Advisory Board
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Drew Ramsey

Caledonia Capital Inc

Drew  is a highly accomplished individual with a remarkable track record spanning over 12 years in the financial industry. He pursued his undergraduate studies at the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University, laying the foundation for his successful career. Drew's dedication and hard work led him to achieve a significant milestone in his postgraduate education as he pursued his Masters in Finance at the prestigious Smith School of Business at Queen's University. Notably, he not only attained one of the top averages in his class but also assumed the esteemed role of class president, showcasing his leadership abilities.

With a wealth of experience in investment management, Drew has held various positions throughout his professional journey, culminating in an executive role. His expertise extends to financial analysis, as evidenced by his accomplishment as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), a highly esteemed designation in the finance industry. Drew's extensive tenure at the National Bank of Canada, where he served as a bank executive, exposed him to diverse market conditions and sharpened his skills in navigating different financial landscapes.

Currently, Drew serves as the President of Caledonia Capital Inc., where he plays a pivotal role in managing hedge funds. His deep understanding of the industry, coupled with his strategic insights, positions him as a valuable asset to the organization. Drew's passion for philanthropy and his prior volunteer work for multiple charities further exemplify his commitment to making a positive impact on society.

With his vast knowledge and experience, Drew is eager to contribute to KBK (Kids Being Kids), sharing his expertise and providing valuable opinions and advice on matters of growth. The organization is excited to have him on board, as his insights are expected to foster significant progress and development. Drew's involvement will undoubtedly enrich the organization's initiatives and support its mission of creating opportunities for children.

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Sam Zuckerman

Senior Associate
Deloitte Corporate Finance

Sam is a highly accomplished finance professional who brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the advisory board of Kids Being Kids (KBK). With a strong background in mentorship and youth development, Sam's addition to the board is expected to have a significant positive impact on the organization's initiatives. He completed his Bachelor of Commerce at the esteemed Lang School of Business, laying the foundation for his successful career in the finance industry.

Having worked as a Corporate Finance Associate at Deloitte, Sam has honed his financial acumen and strategic thinking skills. His experience in this role has equipped him with a deep understanding of financial analysis, business strategy, and investment management. Sam's expertise in these areas makes him a valuable asset to KBK, as he can provide valuable insights and guidance in financial matters, helping the organization achieve its goals effectively.

Sam's commitment to his community is evident through his active involvement in various mentorship programs. He has dedicated his time and energy to the Junior Achievement Ontario mentorship program, where he has played a vital role in guiding and supporting young individuals in their personal and professional growth. Additionally, Sam has participated in the Sprout Ideas Fellowship, further underscoring his dedication to fostering youth development. These experiences have allowed Sam to witness the transformative power of mentorship and its positive impact on the lives of young individuals.

As someone who has actively engaged in sports throughout his life, Sam recognizes the crucial role they play in child development. He is well aware of the barriers that often hinder children from participating in sports, especially the financial obstacles that can restrict access to these opportunities. This awareness and empathy drive Sam's passion for KBK's mission of providing sporting opportunities to children, ensuring that they can experience the numerous physical, social, and emotional benefits that sports offer.

In his new role on the advisory board of KBK, Sam is motivated by a genuine desire to leverage his professional skills and personal experiences to make a difference in the lives of children. With his financial expertise, strategic mindset, and passion for community empowerment, Sam is well-positioned to contribute to KBK's mission of helping Canadian children access the transformative power of sports. His presence on the advisory board will undoubtedly strengthen the organization's ability to create meaningful change and provide invaluable opportunities for young individuals.


Rhonda Cohen

Managing Director
Sherrard Kuzz LLP

Rhonda is a highly accomplished individual who holds the esteemed positions of Managing Director and founding member at Sherrard Kuzz LLP. In this capacity, she assumes the crucial responsibility of overseeing and managing the firm's overall operations, playing a pivotal role in its success and growth.

Prior to her involvement with Sherrard Kuzz LLP, Rhonda held a series of prominent positions in various fields, showcasing her diverse expertise and skill set. She served as a Senior Advisor to the Toronto 2008 Olympic Bid, contributing her valuable insights and guidance to the team working towards securing the hosting rights for the Olympic Games. Additionally, she held the role of Discipline Counsel at the Law Society of Ontario, where she diligently addressed matters concerning professional conduct and ethics within the legal community. Before that, Rhonda gained extensive experience as a commercial litigator at a leading law firm in Toronto, skillfully handling complex legal disputes on behalf of her clients.

Sports hold a special place in Rhonda's life, and she is an avid fan of all Toronto teams. In particular, she has a deep appreciation for Canada's amateur athletes and takes immense pride in supporting their pursuits. Her twin daughters, who excel as high-performance varsity athletes in USports and NCAA, further fuel her passion for sports. Rhonda derives great joy from witnessing her daughters' accomplishments in the pool and on the tennis court, where their hard work and dedication are on full display.

Recently, Rhonda has embarked on a new venture by joining the advisory board of Kids Being Kids. Her enthusiasm for sports and her personal experiences with her active twin daughters have fueled her desire to provide similar opportunities to children. Through her involvement with the advisory board, Rhonda is excited to contribute her expertise and support the growth of the organization. Her goal is to create an environment where kids can enjoy the benefits of sports and cultivate their own talents, just as her daughters have had the opportunity to do.

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