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Over the past year, we have successfully expanded our services beyond London and the Toronto Region. We have established operations in additional areas, including Montreal, Guelph, St. Catharines, and Boston, US. In each of these regions, we have dedicated mini teams working diligently to collect and distribute sports equipment. By having a presence in these locations, we aim to contribute to the local communities and meet the growing demand for sports equipment in those areas. Our expansion reflects our commitment to providing accessible and high-quality sporting goods to a wider audience.

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Jacob Kinross

Executive Vice President

Jacob has played a pivotal role as one of the founding members of Kids Being Kids, demonstrating exceptional dedication and contributions to the team. Currently in his final year at McGill University, Jacob has brought valuable expertise and enthusiasm to our organization. He has been instrumental in establishing partnerships with the McGill Sports team, fostering collaboration and support between our organizations.

Moreover, Jacob's efforts in securing sports equipment donations for FY23 have been remarkable, earning him the recognition as our top-performing member in this regard. His passion for our cause and his ability to mobilize resources have significantly contributed to our success.

As we look forward to FY24, we have high expectations for Jacob's impact in overall operations and the Montreal Region. Given his existing achievements and commitment to Kids Being Kids, we anticipate that he will continue to make a significant difference in expanding our operations, increasing community engagement, and facilitating more donations of sports equipment in Toronto/Montreal. Jacob's continued involvement is crucial to our future growth and success.

Jack Shanahan

VP of Boston Operations

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In August of 2023, Jack became a valuable addition to our team as one of the first members to join the expansion of Kids Being Kids (KBK) after our first year of operations. Presently attending Boston College, Jack has taken on the responsibility of sourcing sports equipment and identifying deserving families to benefit from our initiatives.

This upcoming summer, Jack has an array of plans lined up, particularly involving local camps in the New Hampshire area. Given his extensive experience in playing hockey over the years and his genuine passion for the game, he is thrilled to give back to the community, ensuring that children have equal opportunities to participate in sports and enjoy the benefits they offer.

Jack's dedication to leveling the playing field and making sports accessible aligns perfectly with KBK's mission. We are confident that his involvement will make a positive impact, both in terms of collecting equipment and creating meaningful connections with families in need. Jack's enthusiasm and commitment to fostering inclusive sports participation are truly commendable.

Lukas Hasse

VP of Guelph Operations

Lukas Hasse joined our team in August 2023 during our expansion phase, following our successful first year of operation. Currently enrolled at Guelph, Lukas is an active member of the Varsity Baseball team at the university. His passion for sports and community engagement is evident through his experiences last summer when he traveled extensively throughout Africa, working with children in local communities and promoting sports participation.

Lukas has established strong connections with numerous members of the USA Africa Foundation, which adds significant value to our organization. Leveraging these connections, he is poised to make a remarkable contribution to our team. Lukas has ambitious plans to collaborate with the University of Guelph and its sports teams to enhance our donations and expand our impact in the community.

Having dedicated a significant portion of his life to playing baseball at a high level, Lukas is now approaching his final year of university and is eager to give back to the community, particularly by sharing his love for sports, especially baseball. With his expertise, dedication, and commitment to fostering the spirit of sportsmanship, Lukas will undoubtedly play a vital role in our mission to make sports accessible to all and promote a sense of camaraderie within the community.

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Nick Lambert

VP of St.Catherines Operations

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Nick Lambert is a valuable addition to the Kids Being Kids team, bringing his enthusiasm to oversee operations in the St. Catharines area. Currently pursuing an accounting specialization at Brock University, Nick's extensive experience in competitive hockey at various levels has fueled his passion for the sport.

Working closely with his team at Brock, Nick has exciting plans in store. Leveraging his connections with current athletes on the Brock Athletic teams, he aims to collaborate with them and local junior teams to promote the Kids Being Kids brand. Nick's goal is to expand our reach and impact by involving these sports teams in our mission.

During summers, Nick spends his time in beautiful British Columbia with his family. Recognizing the transformative power of sports, he is determined to cultivate a love for sports among the community. Additionally, Nick's strong golf background and connections in the golf industry further amplify his passion for the sport. With this in mind, his objective for next summer is to organize a Kids Being Kids camp at his local golf course in British Columbia.

Nick's well-rounded experiences and dedication make him an ideal team member. His desire to grow the love for sports and provide opportunities for children aligns perfectly with the core values of Kids Being Kids. We are excited to have Nick's expertise and commitment driving our mission forward in St. Catharines and beyond.

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